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Southwest Community Christian Center was founded January 27, 1991. Then known as Southwest Community Baptist Church, the center opened with 19 members and a vision to meet the growing spiritual needs of its surrounding community. 

Pastor Patrick first received the vision of a “Christian community” while sitting with a friend at a coffee shop across the street from the church’s present location. As he glanced out of the window, the pastor remarked, "Doesn't that shopping center look like a church? I seem to see a cross in the middle of that copper dome." When his friend remarked negatively, Pastor Patrick put the vision out of his mind and continued his duties as assistant pastor at McGee Chapel and as a nationwide evangelist. Two years lapsed, but in August of 1990 Pastor Patrick realized that the vision he had received was indeed from God.

In September of 1991 Southwest Community Christian Academy (SWCCA) opened its doors to further meet the spiritual and educational needs of the area. Beginning with just 19 students and 3 teachers, it has grown to its present enrollment of more than 200 students and a staff of 30.

As the church community continued to expand, Pastor Patrick and his rapidly growing congregation continued to develop community services such as “The Windows From Heaven Resale Shop” and “The Southwest Community Health Club.” “The Southwest Community Christian Teen Center” was created as a place where teens could come and receive a variety of instruction, counseling, and tutoring while having Christian fun. Additionally, “The Southwest Family Crisis Center” was formed so that family members could receive counseling for problems of both life and spirit. 

The membership of Southwest Community Christian Center has grown from its humble beginnings to more than seven thousand members, fourteen associate ministers, and fourteen deacons. As we continue to build and grow, we humbly ask that you continue to pray for the church and the pastor as we endeavor to move forward in God's will.


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